Key opinion leaders (KOLs) play an important role in your marketing strategy at every stage of the product lifecycle. As lifecycle stages change, so may the type of KOLs needed. Identification of KOLs should always be based on verified profiles to match your specific marketing objectives.

At Kantar Health, we incorporate peer-to-peer feedback with secondary research to provide a complete view of KOL influence globally, nationally, regionally and locally. Potential influence networks are evaluated based on size (how many peers may be reached) and depth (to what degree each KOL influences peers). Aligning with KOLs who possess reputational expertise and an expansive sphere of influence will maximize your marketing investment.

Through Kantar Health resources such as KeyMD® and CancerNFluence®, and MarketDrill™, an online tool for quantitative ad-hoc research using well-structured panels of physicians, we offer custom studies that will help you engage the right thought leaders and maximize ROI.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification Services:
  • Profile the KOL accurately, including level and volume of influence
  • Segment appropriately, based on value, geographic location and sphere of influence
  • Map the KOL’s influence, including a visual layout of the network of influence

  • Manage the data via web interface
  • Identify the right KOLs for influencing prescriptions of your product
  • See real data in real time


Kantar Health provides consulting and research to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.


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