High-quality, rapidly available competitive intelligence is a key requirement for driving the most effective marketing and sales campaigns. It allows for precise segmentation and targeting that in turn must be continually measured with reliable, consistent performance indicators throughout the campaign.

Leveraging our real-time competitive intelligence data, Kantar Health delivers comprehensive analytical solutions and advisory and implementation services that enable your product to achieve optimum performance. Whether it’s face-to-face detailing, e-detailing, remote sales campaigns or customer meetings, we deliver the latest market information direct from the field to your desk.

For sales effectiveness, our PromoMonitor® tool delivers real-time promotion feedback from physicians and enables dynamic monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide a unique line of sight to your and your competitors, key inputs and outputs.

For marketing effectiveness, Kantar Health offers a large, carefully selected and validated panel of physicians of various specialties – allowing for longitudinal trends to be studied through constant performance measures. Our productivity-boosting products include AskDoctor and MarketDrill, both of which utilize a simple question-and-answer format to streamline information transfer from physicians to all levels of pharmaceutical business users.

Benchmark your tactics against your competitors:
  • What messages physicians recall from you and your competitors activities
  • Whether or not your message strategy successfully differentiates our brand
  • How effectively are support materials being used
  • How do you and your key competitors compare in terms of intensity of promotion?
  • How is my sales force rated by customers?
  • What is the cumulative impact of ongoing promotion?


Kantar Health provides consulting and research to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.


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