For the healthcare industry to be truly patient-centric, we need to better understand the emotional drivers and challenges people face for maintaining an acceptable quality-of-life regardless of disease or condition. By holistically working to understand all angles and inputs, a unique understanding of impactful socio-cultural influences and contextual environments is achieved that fosters transformative strategies and drives change.
Kantar Health's "Patient Ecosystem" expertise takes us inside the psyche of the individual patient and provides an enhanced understanding about how a disease impacts the patient from a human perspective. By better understanding the Patient Ecosystem, which encompass patients, their conditions and the many surrounding factors that influence care and quality-of-life, we gain deep insights into the patient's relationship with their illness and the influences of behavior.
Kantar Health can help you drive a number of strategies across your business.
  • Educate physicians about the significant impact of a condition on day to day life
  • Challenge the social narrative that’s being formed
  • Leverage the power of patient advocates and bloggers
  • Target specific social media sites to listen to conversations and to provide information and support
  • Adopt appropriate language patterns to frame a condition in a positive light


Tap into the potential of 600+ worldwide researchers in 80+ established and growth markets, real-world evidence databases spanning 4 continents, and datasets with more than 120 million patient-level records.


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