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Abstract | Feb 5, 2020

Treatment patterns in non-small-cell lung cancer in USA: results of the CancerMPact Survey 2018

| D. Robinson, S. Hawthorne, L. Zhao, M. Hanson, G. Kanas, C. Davis & O. Clark | English

Future Medicine

Poster | Nov 14, 2019

Clinical burden and health-related quality of life in caregivers of cancer patients: results from linking electronic health records to patient-reported outcomes.

| Huynh S, Lee L, Jaffe DH, Haskel T. | English

Poster | Nov 5, 2019

Estimating the reliability of the medication adherence reasons scale (MAR-SCALE) in asthma and COPD and identifying the reasons for non-adherence.

Healthcare Information | Unni E, et al. | English

Podium presentation ISPOR EU 2019 Denmark.

Poster | Nov 2, 2019

Assessment of the internal consistency and concurrent-validity of the Medication Adherence Reasons Scale (MAR-Scale) in an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder population-based sample.

Healthcare Information | Unni E, et al. | English

EU ISPOR; Nov 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Poster | Nov 2, 2019

Real-World Cost Difference in Patients With Psoriasis Newly Initiating Apremilast Vs Biologic Treatment After Conventional Systemic Therapy.

Healthcare Information | Kossack N, et al. | English

Presented at ISPOR EU 2019 2-6 November 2019.

Poster | Nov 2, 2019

Impact on Quality of Life and Productivity Associated with Caregiving for Adults with Depression.

Healthcare Information | Balkaran BL, Jaffe DH, Umuhire D, Rive B, Milz RU, Nguyen JL. | English

Presented at ISPOR EU 2019 Copenhagen, 2-6 November 2019.

Poster | Sep 20, 2019

Socioeconomic and humanistic burden of illness of EDS associated with OSA in the EU5: Analysis of National Health and Wellness Survey Data.

Healthcare Information | Jennum P, Coaquira J, Mettam S, et al. | English

Poster presented at World Sleep 2020; Vancouver, CA; September 20-25, 2019.

Manuscript | Sep 13, 2019

Perceptions about glucagon delivery devices for severe hypoglycemia: Qualitative research with patients, caregivers, and acquaintances.

Healthcare Information | Bajpaj SK, Cambron-Mellott MJ, Peck E, Poon JL, Wang Q, Mitchell BD, et al. | English

Clin Ther. 2019 Sep 13; in press.

Poster | Sep 12, 2019

Assessing the Effect of Pomalidomide or Carfilzomib Treatment on Patient-Reported Outcomes Among Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma.

Healthcare Information | Gupta S, at al. | English

17th International Myeloma Workshop; September 12–15, 2019; Boston, MA, USA

Poster | Sep 5, 2019

Proportion of Migraine Patients in Migraine Frequency Sub-Groups: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Survey Data in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Healthcare Information | Doane MJ, et al. | English

International Headache Congress Dublin, Ireland; Sept 2019.

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