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Kantar Health Launches Breakthrough Approach for Better Understanding Health Consumers

May 2, 2018

HERO FrameworkTM Advances and Improves Health through Market Research, Delivering Deep Human Insight

NEW YORK, May 3, 2018 – Kantar Health, a global leader in healthcare market research and consulting, today unveiled a breakthrough approach for better understanding health consumers. Supported by Kantar Health's new HERO FrameworkTM, the approach couples the company's unprecedented marketing insights and real world outcomes assets, as well as its deep understanding of health ecosystems, to deliver transformational insights about patients and their conditions. The result is a complete picture of the person with a focus on improving real-world outcomes – enabling clients to develop better products and services, advance the health and wellness of people globally, and generate hard evidence to realize better pricing and reimbursement terms with payers.

"To get the most out of healthcare solutions, we must better understand the empowered person living with a condition and how that person proactively manages that condition in their daily life," said Werner Guminski, Chief Commercial Officer, Kantar Health. "No other healthcare partner provides such a rich view of healthcare consumers and their behaviors and motivations. This information, coupled with measurable health outcomes, fosters better business decisions for stakeholders in our industry and better outcomes for patients everywhere."

Kantar Health's HERO FrameworkTM, short for Healthcare Ecosystem and Real-world Outcomes, provides unparalleled insight into the many faces of today's diverse healthcare consumers. It dovetails with the company's marketing insights and real world research philosophy, which highlights the need to address behavior from the perspective of the individual, as well as from a socio-cultural and environmental context.

The HERO FrameworkTM, supported by Kantar Health's unique combination of Experience, Evidence and Expertise, combines the company's ability to:


  • Listen to the healthcare consumer, where it learns about their health experience and gets to know their thoughts, emotions and wishes for better health. Kantar Health's primary research collects the details of their thoughts and emotions, and the company draws on its industry leading National Health and Wellness survey, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, social media listening and other patient information sources to truly hear the voice of the individual.
  • Apply its unmatched healthcare consumer-based evidence, where the company contextualizes any new findings using more than 50 years of observational healthcare studies containing crucial evidence about patient behaviors. Its unrivalled body of work includes clinical research and real-world outcomes portfolios, activity and biometric monitoring work, non-interventional studies, linked and fused data, and epidemiology and ethnographic studies.
  • And leverage its vast heritage and expertise to create an action-ready blueprint for achieving commercial success. By getting to the core of the healthcare consumer and the stakeholder's experience, as well as their interactions within the healthcare ecosystem, Kantar Health is the one company that truly understands all the drivers of health outcomes and translates them into actionable insights for pharma companies, payers and governments.

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About Kantar Health

Kantar Health is a leading global healthcare consulting firm and trusted advisor to many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies worldwide. It combines evidence-based research capabilities with deep scientific, therapeutic and clinical knowledge, commercial development know-how, and brand and marketing expertise to help clients evaluate opportunities, launch products and maintain brand and market leadership.

Kantar Health deeply understands the influence of patients, payers and physicians, especially as they relate to the performance and payment of medicines and the delivery of healthcare services. Its 600+ healthcare industry specialists work across the product lifecycle, from preclinical development to launch, acting as catalysts to successful decision-making in life sciences and helping clients prioritize their product development and portfolio activities, differentiate their brands and drive product success post-launch. For more information, please visit