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Report | Oct 8, 2019

The 10 Key Influencers of Global Health and Wellness

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Report | Sep 24, 2019

Will these 12 cancer trials change clinical practice

ASCO 2019 and future directions in oncology.

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Report | Jan 22, 2019

Applying the Science of Marketing to the Art of Brand Building

This report provides a conceptual frame work for brand managers to navigate today’s competitive landscape.

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Report | Jan 8, 2019

Health Tech: Putting Consumers at the Center of Healthcare

For decades, a person’s relationship with their own health has been mostly a top-down affair – with physicians, institutions, hospitals and payers firmly in charge of decision-making. Today, however, a seismic shift is well underway, as individual consumers are increasingly taking control. Kantar’s latest report shares our thinking on the impact and opportunities for health tech.

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Report | Sep 17, 2018

2018 Global Health and Wellness Report (Full)

This unique and comprehensive record of global health provides incomparable patient insights on the most pressing health challenges of today for the United States, the EU5, Japan, and key emerging markets.

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Report | Jul 10, 2018

Marketing Science Innovation: The Road to Weatherproofing Your Brand

It’s not enough for pharma to rely on a brand’s past performance – it’s time to start predicting the future and engaging with what’s coming around the next corner, and the one after that, and the one after that.

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Report | Jun 25, 2018

Inside the Growth Markets

Today's healthcare growth markets offer unique challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies looking to grow and launch new business initiatives. Within these markets there are pronounced differences that necessitate the need for comprehensive, market-specific knowledge.

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Report | Oct 23, 2017

Edge of Insight: Touchpoint Optimization

Our newest Edge of Insight report analyses how touchpoint optimization enables multichannel marketing to build upon the basics of traditional marketing – delivering the right message to the right customer through the right channel at the right time.

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Report | Sep 5, 2017

Edge of Insight: Patient Ecosystems

A valuable way to fully comprehend the complexity of human behavior is by taking a multi-faceted research approach that seeks out what people say, do and feel in order to arrive at new and unique insights and understanding. Combining principles and practices from behavioral economics, social psychology, and linguistics, Kantar Health uncovered meaningful insights into the patient experience for IBS.

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Report | Feb 27, 2017

Marketing Insights : Current Perspectives on Healthcare Market Research

Marketing Insights: Current Perspectives on Healthcare Market Research brings together a series of Kantar Health white papers, articles, case studies and discussions to stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of healthcare market research.

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