Few things are simple when dealing with the oncology market, which includes a myriad of intricate options for treatment regimens to difficult and often complex market access and cost coverage issues. Kantar Health is known for its strong oncology experts among the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and can help you realize your product’s full potential in this highly competitive space.

Kantar Health provides both the research and consulting services you need to support your business decisions across the product lifecycle for cancer therapies. Our oncology expert status has been earned because of the proprietary material we publish on cancer epidemiology, trends in oncology market access, oncology pipeline potential and treatment trends that help our clients with their business issues.

Kantar Health’s cutting-edge research helps you manage your brand pre- and post-launch through communication, messaging and brand equity assessment, as well as supports market access and pricing decisions. Our experts help you connect with the most influential global and national stakeholders to inform decisions and sharpen strategy development.

Whether we are analyzing a broad range of tumors or focusing on a particular patient population, our unique combination of custom and syndicated resources, unmatched access to the oncologist community and your target groups, and extensive oncology experience spanning preclinical trials to post-launch will help you achieve your goals and answer your questions.

Our Commercial, Clinical and Scientific Consultants Assist with Strategic Business Decisions
  • Assessing potential acquisitions or licensing deals
  • Prioritizing potential indications


  • Exposing the nuances of oncology forecasting
  • Evaluating market and competitive risks down to line of treatment and segment


Kantar Health provides consulting and research to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.


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