market access


Achieving – and sustaining – market access requires a sound global strategy. You need to ensure you've identified the right patient, drug, dose and duration of treatment. Your value proposition must be highly compelling and able to withstand the rigors of a dynamic and increasingly demanding reimbursement environment. Without a solid global market access strategy, you run the risk of reimbursement delay, restricted product access and a muddled payer value proposition – all of which result in suboptimal pricing.

At Kantar Health, we believe the key to market access success is substantiating a compelling value proposition across the product lifecycle. We help you identify, validate and optimize value early in product development, and we support you in quantifying and substantiating it throughout the product lifecycle. Market access is no longer a milestone but a dynamic state that Kantar Health will help you achieve with continuous value development and communication.
Kantar Health market access expertise prepares you to:
  • Shape a clinical development plan to optimize its value proposition and pricing and reimbursement potential
  • Better prioritize pipelines
  • Optimally position drugs for success nationally, regionally and locally
  • Identify emerging marketing opportunities for market growth and corporate differentiation


  • Enhance sales forecasts through greater understanding of budget drivers and cycles
  • Better target sales force efforts
  • Strengthen global brands through enhanced communication and understanding


Kantar Health provides consulting and research to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.


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