Assessing Commercial Potential of Rare Disease Assets

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“Rare diseases” represent a highly diverse group of approximately 7,000 disorders, 95% of which do not have a cure. Kantar recognizes the importance of rare diseases in furthering patient care and has identified this as an area of specific focus. As with oncology, forecasting commercial potential in rare disease markets involve unique challenges. Information on epidemiology is often limited and frequently studies are not population-based and are potentially biased. The most appropriate forecasting technique is closely related to the availability and reliability of epidemiology data. At times hybrid approaches that utilize both incidence and prevalence and that incorporate patient flow concepts are the optimal choice. It is also imperative to have a thorough understanding of patient segmentation, disease treatment and progression and incorporate these as well as appropriate pricing and market access considerations…all with the goal of creating reliable and defendable commercial assessments.

Through a blend of instruction on forecasting theory and hands-on application, this interactive session will guide you through the steps of building powerful rare disease forecasting models. You will take home practical knowledge, forecasting tools and have an opportunity to discuss the latest thinking in rare disease commercial assessment with Kantar and your industry colleagues.