QRCA Presentation by Colleen Welsh-Allen

Colleen Welsh-Allen, RN, Vice President, Kantar Health, will present "The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions" at the 2019 Qualitative Research Consultants Association in Savannah, Georgia. Her presentation is a practical guide to Behavioral Science, the heuristics that most affect market research and some clear cut ways to do better research with this understanding.

Colleen has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. A registered nurse, Colleen's clinical experience includes Hemodialysis, Coronary Care, Infectious disease, and Critical care medicine (ICU and ER). More than fifteen years ago, Colleen decided to translate her experience as a nurse into a career in medical marketing research.

Colleen's qualitative research has encompassed many treatment areas and research techniques. She has interviewed many segments in these therapeutic areas such as: KOLs, Physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses, patients, and payers. She is a member of the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) and a Co-Director of the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Committee.

As the Vice President of Qualitative Research, Ms. Welsh-Allen oversees all of the qualitative the moderators and is responsible for quality control of all projects as well as moving forward innovation in qualitative research.

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