Webinar - Using Real-World Patient Data: A Practical Guide for Researchers

This Kantar Health webinar is part of the series "Transforming Your Research for Better Patient Understanding". There is no fee to attend.

Series Summary

The patient centricity sphere is expanding. Today, patients are not only patients, but also health consumers, and life sciences companies must start to realize that understanding this group goes well beyond what their prescriptions or medical charts say about them. They  must understand all sides of the patient as an individual human consumer - in fact, it isn’t about understanding the patient, but understanding the person who happens to be living with one or more diseases or conditions.  The better life sciences companies understand this premise, the more successful they will be.

This webinar series will focus on numerous aspects of “understanding the patient as a person and as a health consumer,” from examining their ecosystem to  the options for patient-level data and the value of integrating data, to ensuring that your focus keeps the individual’s privacy in mind. 

Using Real-World Patient Data: A Practical Guide for Researchers
Presented by: Tom Haskell

With patient centricity the hot word in Life Sciences research right now, Real-World Data (or patient-level datasets) are absolutely critical to your research. Data suppliers are offering open claims, closed claims data, EHR data, patient registries, etc., and they claim their datasets provide exactly what you need to do your research. But can you trust these claims? 

This webinar will focus on all of the different types of Real-World Data to help you navigate patient-level datasets critical to your business. 

About the Speaker:

Tom Haskell is the Global Head of Data Analytics for Kantar Health.  In this role, he engineers Kantar Health’s data solutions, combining our industry-leading primary data collection infrastructure with current and emerging secondary data sources to provide unique offerings to our customers.

Tom has a deep background in providing innovative solutions to complex issues in the healthcare market. Previously, he worked for over 8 years at IMS Health, leading the development of leading-edge cohort creation, analytics, and visualization tools for real-world data.  Previous to his 15+ years in the healthcare industry, he was one of the founders and lead architect of, the first major online site to offer mapping and driving directions to the public.

Tom is also a renowned speaker on Big Data and Healthcare.  Industry conferences where he has spoken on the subject include ISPOR, PMSA, PBIRG, ARF (Patient Journey), and ExL (Patient Experience).

Tom is a graduate of Harvard University, with a concentration in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.


Valuing and Linking Real-World Data in Patient Research
Wed, Jun 13, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
Presenter: Tom Haskell, Global Head of Data Analytics, Kantar Health
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Wed, Jun 27, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
Jeanette Hodgson, Global Head of Qualitative Strategy, Kantar Health, and Sheila Mott, VP Business Insights, Kantar Health 
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