Webinar - Protecting Privacy: The Impact of GDPR on Patient Data

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This Kantar Health webinar is part of the series "Transforming Your Research for Better Patient Understanding". There is no fee to attend.

The patient centricity sphere is expanding. Today, patients are not only patients, but also health consumers, and life sciences companies must start to realize that understanding this group goes well beyond what their prescriptions or medical charts say about them. They must understand all sides of the patient as an individual human consumer - in fact, it isn’t about understanding the patient, but understanding the person who happens to be living with one or more diseases or conditions.  The better life sciences companies understand this premise, the more successful they will be.

This webinar series will focus on numerous aspects of “understanding the patient as a person and as a health consumer,” from examining their ecosystem to the options for patient-level data and the value of integrating data, to ensuring that your focus keeps the individual’s privacy in mind. 

Protecting Privacy: The Impact of GDPR on Patient Data
Presented by: Jessica Santos, PhD

The healthcare industry’s focus on patient centricity has meant that healthcare researchers working on behalf of the industry are looking for patient insights through a variety of channels – from healthcare providers, from the patients themselves and from biometric data, to name just a few. However, researchers face many challenges in protecting individual privacy: the copious amount of data being collected; the difficulty in keeping patient data absolutely anonymous at all times; the possibility of discovering patient information that the patients themselves are unaware of, such as from genomic sequencing; and the industry as a whole working on innovations that will change diagnosis, treatment and resource allocation that will be a potential minefield for privacy regulations.

This webinar will focus on helping you understand the tricky privacy landscape and examine how the landscape differs in different countries. It will also provide you practical advice on how to avoid pitfalls as you delve more into patient-centric research.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Jessica Santos is the Global Compliance and Quality Director at Kantar Health.  She is responsible for maintaining, anticipating and coordinating all activities with regard to compliance laws/regulations, industry guidelines, pharmacovigilance and client contracts, defining and driving the execution of Kantar Health’s Quality Strategy – our approach to measuring and improving our quality efforts.

Dr. Santos is an experienced statistician, analyst, methodologist and market research scientist. She gained her reputation through her publications and professional committee work in the industry. She is a frequent speaker and contributor in major conferences and has a Ph.D. in Marketing, an MRS fellowship and Chartered Marketer status.

Dr. Santos is a member of UK Research Ethics Committee, EphMRA, BHBIA and PMRG Government Affairs Committee, reviewer and co-chair of ISPOR, and MRS Professional Development Advisory Board and Examiner.

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