• CELESTIAL: Divining the role of cabozantinib in HCC

    by Stephanie Hawthorne  |  Jan 25, 2018
    Co-authored by Len Kusdra, Ph.D.
  • Cultural Narratives Reveal the Subliminal Impact on Illness

    by Jeanette Hodgson  |  Jan 15, 2018
    All around the world, people form beliefs and adopt behaviors relating to health and illness that are shaped by the cultural forces prevalent in their communities. The importance of perceptions of others and the social codes by which we live have been demonstrated as important by behavioral psychologists and recognized for many years. Yet despite the significance of the role of our social and cultural context in forming our beliefs and driving our behaviors in the healthcare world, we largely overlook this influence in our research design and our quest to understand why people do what they do in relation to their health.
  • A new study finds that the power of WeChat is so strong that Chinese doctors are now installing fewer medical apps. On average, Chinese physicians follow eight medical-related WeChat public accounts, and 48 percent of them are satisfied with what they read on WeChat.

    by Eric Matthews  |  Dec 3, 2017
    Are you treating your customers as individuals, or are you simply implementing a stiff global campaign with limited variety in messaging? While a one-size-fits-all approach allows you to be consistent in your messaging, it's often too rigid to take into account the specific situations of individual customers.
  • The field of Behavioral Economics has popularized the idea that behavior is not the result of careful deliberation and perfect logic, but instead often driven by intuition, emotion and a myriad of other subconscious factors. This understanding leads to better patient understanding.
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