• A strong brand is not built on a successful launch alone, but also navigating through often complex challenges to maximize the brand's potential across the product lifecycle.
  • Kantar Health research has found that real world data is starting to significantly impact the way market research is performed, and this impact will continue to increase as market researchers become even more comfortable with this resource.
  • The Evolution of Brands

    by Mark Sales  |  Jul 5, 2017
    Brands evolve; they have to and always will. Mark Sales says he can't think of a single corporate or product brand that hasn't followed Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. He discusses two types of brands in this blog, both close to his heart and both with more in common than you may think.
  • ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 - Approximately a quarter of breast cancer patients are classified as HER2-positive, according to Kantar Health’s 2016 Treatment Architecture data. Effective targeted agents for the HER2 receptor, such as Herceptin (trastuzumab; Roche) and Perjeta (pertuzumab; Roche), have been developed for this particular patient segment and have greatly improved clinical outcomes for these patients. APHINITY did meet its primary endpoint showing that addition of Perjeta to Herceptin and chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment achieved a statistically significant improvement in IDFS. These data suggest that the triplet may become an option for adjuvant treatment of HER2+ early breast cancer.
  • Triumph in Breast Cancer: KuDOS to Lynparza

    by Stephanie Hawthorne  |  Jun 4, 2017
    ASCO Annual Meeting 2017 - In the Plenary session, late breaking results from the Phase III OLYMPIAD trial, which evaluated Lynparza in comparison to “physician’s choice” chemotherapy (capecitabine, vinorelbine, eribulin) in 302 metastatic HER2- breast cancer patients with deleterious or suspected gBRCA mutations were presented. These results represent the first positive Phase III trial for a PARP inhibitor in breast cancer and the discussant, Dr. Allison Kurian, had an overall positive outlook stating that these results ”are practice-changing.”
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