Realizing Full Potential in Multichannel Marketing

by Eric Matthews | Nov 13, 2017

How effective are you at multichannel marketing?

If we're honest with ourselves- and anyone who is willing to listen to us! - then we can admit that successful multichannel marketing is hard. It's easy to look over at your neighbor and think that he's doing it better than you. It's easy to get distracted by a shiny new opportunity or sexy new channel; but it's hard to cut through the noise, be effective and provide something of value to the customer.

Let’s come back to your neighbor.

  • Does he have all the answers?
  • Is he seamlessly integrating Big Data from both internal and external sources to optimize his  multichannel activities?
  • Is he smoothly working across departments?
  • Is he telling a great story to his customers using both push and pull?
  • Are his customers being treated like individuals?
  • Is he effective across healthcare providers, nurses, payers and patients?
  • Does he have great integrated dashboards to measure the effect of his activities?
  • Is he making better evidence-based decisions on his metrics and KPIs?
  • Is he using multichannel marketing to transform his company?

Relax, chances are that if you're asking yourself these questions, then you're doing just fine.

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