Understanding the Emerging Market Landscape: Combining Local Knowledge and Global Expertise to Drive Success

The Emerging Markets are a key component of global healthcare from a treatment and growth perspective. Thanks to new and expanded healthcare access taking root in these markets, millions of people are now receiving life-changing therapies. While the Emerging Markets present significant business opportunities, to optimize strategic planning and execution you need a partner who understands the customs, cultures and nuances for conducting business in these highly-specialized markets.

For Kantar Health, emerging markets are a core area of expertise, with a particular focus on the crucial BRIC countries. We offer localized, evidence-based data and analysis about patients, physicians and payers to support market access decisions and drive launch and brand success. We deliver you the strong local presence that you need in the Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Americas regions.

  • Our analysts are strategically located in Australia, China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to support your product strategies across all Asia-Pacific countries.
  • Our on-the-ground experts in Middle East and North Africa provide you with insider access to these rapidly developing markets.
  • In Europe and the Americas, we are strategically positioned to capture market opportunities presented in emerging markets such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania in Central and Eastern Europe, and Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina in the Americas.