Traditional and Digital Healthcare Research

The patient voice is being recognized by regulators, payers and medical professionals as the missing link in global healthcare. Patients want to be involved in their healthcare decisions and to partner with their healthcare provider in finding the right treatment for their condition.

Kantar Health research and data solutions create bonds between the patient, the healthcare professional and your brand to help you succeed. We help you improve the customer experience and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing programs and sales force through a combination of traditional and digital tools.

Digital Healthcare Solutions

  • Online Research Communities – Engage with patients over extended periods of time for rich, qualitative insights
  • Social Media Listening – Monitor patient-to-patient online discussions around areas of interest for authentic voice of the patient
  • Mobile Research – Capture patient insights close to the "moment of truth." Enable research participants to engage with Kantar Health researchers in way that is convenient and results in high-quality, accurate input

Trends and Analysis on Patients, Physicians and Stakeholders

  • DetailMed – a multicountry, multispecialty measure of message recall and sales effectiveness
  • TRI*M™ – a holistic tool that measures, monitors and manages stakeholder relationships
  • KeyMD® – a combination of four Kantar Health offerings that identifies, profiles and maps physician influence