Optimizing Market Segmentation to Better Inform Strategic Decisions

Smart pharmaceutical companies know that maximizing return on your promotional dollars requires a thorough understanding of healthcare market segmentation, as well as surgical precision when targeting key market segments. You need a partner that delivers custom research solutions that help you effectively segment the market and achieve brand success across the product lifecycle. This partner should have the resources and in-house expertise to provide deep, qualitative understandings combined with sophisticated multivariate approaches to ensure that the most powerful attitudes and behaviors are informing your strategic decisions.

Benefit from global expertise in healthcare market segmentation

  • Identify and assess market opportunities through world class data and analytics tools
  • Receive custom healthcare research to maximize insight to market segmentation
  • Distinguish patient and physician groups most likely to respond to marketing
  • Prioritize the products, categories and audiences to target
  • Customize messaging to the needs of key segments

National Health and Wellness Survey

NHWS 220x320

Kantar Health’s National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) is the largest global self-reported general population survey in the healthcare industry. NHWS provides disease-specific measures that help you size market opportunities, measure direct and indirect costs, and gain disease-specific insights to optimize the value proposition and inform brand strategies. 

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