Risk Management and Pharmacoepidemiology

As pressure mounts in the healthcare industry for new products to become available to patients more quickly, companies must effectively manage risk related to product safety profiles over the product lifecycle.

Kantar Health and ZEG Berlin, a pharmacoepidemiology pioneer and Kantar Health company, help pharmaceutical manufacturers navigate this difficult landscape through real-world research, scientific expertise and operational excellence. Our approach incorporates comprehensive strategies and in-depth research to ensure that risk is detected and minimized over the full product lifecycle.

Our research and expertise include:

  • Risk management consultancy
  • Regulatory authority interaction support
  • Safety and pharmacovigilance services, including authority safety reporting
  • Signal detection using secondary and primary data
  • Physician-based non-interventional studies (NIS)
  • Patient-based, active surveillance (AS)
  • Interventional pre- and post-launch clinical trials
  • Post-authorization safety studies (PASS)
  • Studies to evaluate the success of risk minimization activities
  • Respect of labeling studies
  • Product utilization studies

Kantar Health's population-based methodology and long-term study designs are approved and recommended by regulatory authorities worldwide.