Public Health

The “right to health” propagated by the WHO for every member of a society is the basis for sociopolitical actions in health. Statistically founded knowledge is required to deduct general statements on population welfare from individual health-related data and derive respective activities to improve public health.

Kantar Health has decades of experience in population-based epidemiology and public health research in Germany. We will craft a research solution to help you address your public health challenge:

  • Measure frequency and distribution of illness
  • Determine factors for population health
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of health-related topics
  • Analyze the effects of prevention programs
  • Develop tools aiming to improve public health

Most public health research is subject-based; thus, our field research uses all interview techniques and combinations as needed: telephone (CATI), written (MAIL), oral/personal (CAPI), online (CAWI), household and physician panels, and interviewer staff. Local language facilities are provided for most European countries through central interviewer facilities as well as local research infrastructure.

View our case studies to see our expertise in action.

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