Promotional Monitoring

Sales success in a competitive environment is largely about mastering promotion better than your competitors. The ability to adapt and optimize promotional efforts in response to same-day feedback on call quality and doctor feedback becomes a key competitive differentiator.

Kantar Health's PromoMonitor® tool provides real-time promotion feedback from physicians and enables dynamic monitoring of key performance indicators. Further, Kantar Health's AskDoctor™, an extension of PromoMonitor, places your specific questions directly in front of physicians and delivers real-time answers about promotional visits or specified products.

PromoMonitor creates a “booster effect” for your marketing dollars by answering key tactical and strategic questions.

  • Which messages are physicians recalling from my own and my competitors’ promotional activities?
  • Are my key messages differentiating my brand from its competitors?
  • What impact is my promotion generating?
  • How effectively are promotional support materials being used?
  • Have my key competitors changed their promotional strategies?
  • How are doctors responding to market and environment changes?
  • How do I and my key competitors compare in terms of intensity of promotion?
  • How is my sales force rated by customers?
  • What is the cumulative impact of ongoing promotion?

AskDoctor offers invaluable help on a variety of fronts:

  • It's a unique tool for evaluating the relationship of your competitors' representatives with doctors.
  • It's been frequently used to perform small-scale brand mapping or equity surveys.
  • It utilizes a simple question-and-answer format to streamline information transfer from physicians to all levels of pharmaceutical business users.