Product positioning represents the intellectual and emotional essence of your brand. It provides the foundation on which your marketing strategy and messaging are built and the basis for your brand’s success.

Kantar Health believes that optimally positioning a new product or repositioning an existing brand requires a well-thought-out framework for both development work and testing assessments. The use of innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies are essential to uncovering the customers’ functional and emotional needs that will ultimately direct your positioning opportunities. Through a disciplined yet creative approach, Kantar Health recognizes the importance of building positions that are credible, differentiating, sustainable and consistent with your organization’s long-term strategy.

Our process includes:

  • Well-structured internal development workshops
  • Deep customer insight through exploratory and projective qualitative research
  • Collaborative brand team and agency debriefs to help direct the development of high-potential positioning statements
  • Multidimensional testing, including cognitive and rational assessments of various positionings, as well as proprietary techniques to assess the emotional response to those positioning plays
  • Follow-on brand hallmark and creative concept testing, including the use of our proprietary normative database that enables the benchmarking of creative ad concepts versus thousands of previous campaigns