Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment

Powerful marketing strategies are built on a comprehensive understanding of the rational, emotional and structural dynamics in the marketplace. This understanding is encapsulated in the Market Landscape and Opportunity Assessment framework, which provides detailed insight into markets from a size, growth, key driver, unmet need and barrier perspective; what evolution is expected; and how we, and competitors, will respond.

Kantar Health’s core approach offers invaluable tools for determining your product’s most profitable place in the market. Our insights are drawn from the most advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Kantar Health Solutions for Market Opportunity Assessment

  • Identify potential market opportunities and the ideal patient for your brand
  • Characterize key drivers, unmet needs and barriers in the market
  • Understand how receptive stakeholders are to the target product profile
  • Determine minimal endpoints to motivate use
  • Product opportunities such as indications, formulations and combinations

Leading Provider of Global Research and Patient Data

Our approach integrates multiple data sources to form a complete picture of the disease market structure. This includes our proprietary data sources, such as Epi Database®.