Finding Your Unrealized Brand Opportunity

You’re challenged to realize maximum potential for your brand across the product lifecycle – from pre-launch planning to off-patent management. To accomplish this, you must be able to identify all opportunities for your brand and go well beyond simple healthcare brand tracking. You need a partner that helps build brands that are credible, differential and sustainable. This partner should have the tools and resources to uncover the functional and emotional needs that drive brand loyalty, help you develop impactful messages for all stakeholders, and deliver the keys to realizing currently unrealized brand opportunity.

Brand Growth Framework

Today, an innovative brand growth framework has emerged to capture unrealized brand opportunity across the three key pillars of a brand – brand access, brand experience and brand execution. This innovative framework, called PINNAKLE™, enables you to capitalize on a gap that exists between the traditional brand growth trajectory and a second trajectory representing unrealized brand opportunity. The unique framework seamlessly integrates multiple information sources and pinpoints relevant KPIs to deliver a holistic view and action-ready blueprint for closing the gap and maximizing your brand opportunity.

Benefit from global expertise in healthcare brand tracking, research and strategy

  • Identify and assess market opportunities through world class data and analytics tools
  • Develop brand positioning, messaging and customer experience programs
  • Identify your unrealized brand opportunity among stakeholders
  • Receive custom solutions for brand development
  • Optimize pre- and post-launch success


pinnakle_fact_sheetKantar Health's PINNAKLETM  is a unique and revolutionary brand marketing solution that optimizes brand performance and enables companies to realize currently unrealized brand opportunity. 

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Protecting a "Gold Standard" in Medicine

pinnakle_case_studyAchieving “gold standard” status for a medicine in a therapy area is the ultimate accomplishment for any pharmaceutical company. While it may seem that all good things must come to an end, especially as generic medicines and newer therapies erode market share and put pressure on pricing, there are steps you can take to arrest market share decline in a competitive environment and even build brand equity.  

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