Accurate, timely insight into the demand for pharmaceutical products is essential for designing successful brand strategies. Effective demand research and forecasting have applications across the product lifecycle, addressing key issues in commercial planning, clinical trial optimization and competitive event assessment.

Kantar Health is an industry leader in the integration of forecast modeling and demand research. We provide the tools and consultation that you need to accurately gauge the impact of market events and predict your product’s potential in the market.

Expertise in Healthcare Forecasting and Demand Research

  • Integrated forecasts based on choice modeling or univariate demand research to ensure that the primary marketing research is aligned with the needs of forecast
  • Volumetric new product forecasting to provide the accuracy required for pre-launch planning
  • Combination epidemiology-/sales-volume-based forecast models that provide robust market sizing and trend information
  • Custom patient flow models that represent the dynamics of complex markets not possible with cross-sectional methods
  • Oncology-specific forecast models to accept the data and assumptions unique to cancer therapeutics and accurately forecast patients on therapy
  • Subscription forecasting software for clients who would like to build their own forecasts using user-friendly functionality to save time and prevent calculation and logic errors

Kantar Health combines sophisticated methods such as demand calibration and sequence modeling with in-depth quantitative methodologies to ensure your forecasts mirror the reality of the marketplace. Our integrated approach consists of custom analysis, consultation and proprietary tools, including our Forecast Architect® 5.0 software, to provide our clients with defendable forecasts that enable confident decision-making.