Epidemiology is the cornerstone for public success with clinical and commercial applications. Whether examining the burden of disease or defining patient populations, epidemiology information is key for setting realistic expectations of your product’s potential as it relates to clinical, commercial, market access and health outcomes decisions.

Kantar Health provides a diverse range of epidemiology consulting services and analytic tools that support your clinical decisions and expose the dynamics of the marketplace throughout the product lifecycle.

Custom Epidemiological Services

  • Epidemiological data for specific or unusual indications, demographic factors or geographic considerations
  • Data specific to a target patient population as a subset of total prevalent disease populations
  • Customized comorbidity and risk factor analysis
  • Support for orphan drug submissions
  • Customized epidemiology data mining
  • Support for and defense of regulatory decision making

Epidemiological Data and Analytics Tools

Kantar Health has proprietary information sources to address your business challenges, including the National Health and Wellness Survey, the world’s largest self-reported patient database; Epi Database®, the premier epidemiology database; and CancerMPact® Patient Metrics, the most comprehensive oncology epidemiology database.