Corporate Reputation

Your good name and reputation are your most prized assets. Years in the making, they can be tarnished in a matter of minutes in today’s digital world. Risk management no longer affects only financial and material assets. You also need to preserve your intangible assets, such as your corporate reputation.

Through our TRI*M corporate reputation framework, Kantar Health delivers the tools and information you need to protect, enhance and actively manage your good name.

We provide:

  • An understanding of your current reputation assets and vulnerabilities
  • A 360-degree view and consistent metrics across key stakeholders, including customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, community leaders, the media and employees
  • Data-based guidance for communications planning
  • Benchmarks against progress that can be measured over time

By identifying strengths and weaknesses among relevant stakeholder groups, Kantar Health helps you actively manage your corporate reputation. We provide insights to enable you to address the factors that negatively influence corporate reputation and allow your company to increase its appeal across relevant stakeholder groups.