A Shifting  Paradigm Toward Patient Centricity
Today’s patient ecosystem is built on a series of critical intersections. Knowing when and how to deliver the right experience and therapies is critical for improved patient outcomes.

Kantar Health is dialed in to these intersections. Our passion is passing on knowledge to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

But it goes beyond that, because we know that our patient centered research helps to improve the overall health and wellness of individuals across the globe.

We’re committed to delivering a more complete view of the human healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare and health enablement is experiencing a significant evolution. The role and perspective of the individual human and patient is no longer nice to have – it’s critical.

E3: The Kantar Health Difference
Experience, evidence and expertise. They're core to Kantar Health's identity and mission. Taken together, they help us stand out from our competition when it comes to offering patient centered consulting and research.

Experience comes when we listen to the voice of the patient. We gather their thoughts, desires and wishes for better health through many mediums, in a tailored fashion.

  • Qualitative, ethnographic, and quantitative research
  • Health and Wellness Surveys – Global and Localized
  • Social media listening and Patient Communities
  • Behavioral Economics

Evidence gathered on the patient is central to our body of work over the past 3+ decades.

  • Clinical and Real World Research + Outcomes
  • Activity and Biometric Monitoring
  • Claims and EMR Big Data Streams
  • Epidemiology

Expertise is what makes We make the integrated and holistic connections between Experience and Evidence that become game-changing insights. And that leads to better patient outcomes and a stronger ROI for our clients.

E3: The Kantar Health Difference
  • Fast and accurate data in rapidly-changing disease markets
  • Physician behavior and regional trend reporting
  • Patient data and insights on treatment dynamics
  • Competitor benchmarking, including market sizing and
    switch patterns
  • Brand promotion and effectiveness evaluation
  • Platforms for data access – proprietary datasets,
    dashboards and analysis


Tap into the potential of 600+ worldwide researchers in 80+ established and growth markets, real-world evidence databases spanning 4 continents, and datasets with more than 120 million patient-level records.


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