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Health Economics & Patient Outcomes

Do you need to estimate prevalence, understand patient characteristics, establish and quantify unmet needs or model the predictors of health outcomes? By mining the National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS), the world’s largest and longest-running international source of patient reported outcomes, we can help you quickly uncover unmet needs, patient behaviors and the resulting health outcomes across over 165 therapeutic areas. NHWS respondents can also be re-contacted to participate in custom studies.

Our team of researchers and health economists also generate outcomes evidence by leveraging a broad range of methodologies including chart reviews and non-interventional studies. We cut through complexity, combining our global medical and commercial skills to design large scale research programs that address very specific scientific needs and give you the competitive edge.

Our health economics and patient outcomes capabilities are an integral part of Kantar Health’s Real-World Research and Value offer, which maximizes the Value Continuum across the product lifecycle. To find out more about health economics and patient outcomes, download the Global Health and Wellness Report, the eBook of our 2013 National Health and Wellness Survey highlights, read our latest newsletter, see the PRO case study below or please get in touch.

Case study

Providing watertight Patient Reported Outcomes evidence and innovative new communications approaches to help our client stay ahead


A global pharmaceutical company approached us to help them develop a Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) instrument to assess diseasespecific burden in a particular population. We were commissioned to design and run a study to assess the measurement characteristics of the novel instrument and give them evidence to back up a labeling claim. They also asked us to develop a communications plan designed to proactively share these important results with clinical and patient communities.