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Pink October: Mastectomy and hair loss are treatment challenges

Kantar Brazil Insights, Oct 24, 2016

Psychological support of patients is essential in overcoming breast cancer.

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Breast cancer still leads as most common cancer type

Kantar US Insights, Oct 20, 2016

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide, and is the most frequent cancer among women. In the US and the UK, breast cancer ranks the highest among all cancer types.

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STADA Health Report 2016: Beauty makes you happy and doctors lose confidence

STADA Press Release, Oct 20, 2016

The STADA Health Report 2016 entitled "Consultation Health: What have body and mind to say" shows that many Germans money at the top of their wish list is - ahead of health.

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Why Web-Connected Devices Are Vital

AdAge, Oct 19, 2016

More and more, consumers are connected digitally—and instantly—to their healthcare.

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World Breast Cancer Day: Disease stats in Spain

Kantar Spain Insights, Oct 19, 2016

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide and is the most common type among women.

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Pink October: increased survival rates and improvements in the treatment of breast cancer

Kantar Brazil Insights, Oct 18, 2016

Breast cancer is the most common type in Brazil, USA and the UK.

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Kantar Health Unveils New Oncology Platform

ResearchLive, Oct 17, 2016

Kantar Health has launched a new oncology platform intended to allow healthcare companies to better understand drug opportunities.

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Analysis: Digital health in China

HealthInvestor Asia, Oct 16, 2016

As traditional methods of targeting doctors become less effective and online usage within the healthcare community grows, it’s becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical stakeholders to understand exactly how doctors consume information and communicate digitally.

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Health activators lack confidence in primary healthcare

PMLiVE, Oct 11, 2016

Patients and healthcare consumers are turning to non-traditional health resources to bridge the gaps in primary healthcare systems that do not satisfactorily meet their health and wellness needs, according to a new report.

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5.8% of Chinese adults suffer from depression

Kantar China Insights, Oct 10, 2016

The ratio is lowest among 10 countries monitored by Kantar Health.

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