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Kantar Health Unveils PINNAKLE Brand Marketing Solution

Jun 24, 2014

NEW YORK, June 24, 2014—Kantar Health, a leading global healthcare consulting firm, today announced the introduction of PINNAKLE™, an integrated, holistic brand marketing solution that helps pharmaceutical companies maximize commercial success for their medicines by finding their unrealized brand opportunity. A unique and revolutionary approach, PINNAKLE optimizes brand performance through the seamless integration of multiple information sources and deep, evidence-based market insights from a broad array of key stakeholders.

“Pharmaceutical brand managers and marketers are challenged to reach their brand’s full potential in every phase of the product lifecycle,” said Mark Sales, head of Global Brand and Customer Experience, Kantar Health. “In examining the product lifecycle, we believe there’s a gap between the traditional brand growth trajectory and a second trajectory that represents unrealized brand opportunity. Capturing this unrealized growth can translate into millions of dollars of added sales and profit.”

PINNAKLE’s proprietary methodologies enable optimal planning, growing, driving and defending of brand performance. The combination of information, research and consulting expertise informs better brand decisions, instills confidence and optimizes market success. To achieve greater integration to strengthen brand performance, PINNAKLE offers pharmaceutical companies:

  • A coordinated approach across three factors: access, experience and execution
  • A scientific approach to launch, driven by effective research
  • Evidence-based measurement of results
  • Forward-looking marketing, allowing for reactive messaging

For PINNAKLE, the engine under the hood is Conversion Model, a Kantar Health proprietary methodology that has helped many of the world’s leading brands uncover and achieve their true potential. Conversion Model provides detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns – pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, re-win existing ones and optimize their spending.

“Kantar Health builds brands that are credible, differential and sustainable,” Sales said. “As a leader in addressing the changing commercial model in healthcare, we offer multifaceted experience and validated tools and methodologies that connect information and research. This enables us to attain unique insight that drives brand success and improves the customer experience across the product lifecycle.”

To learn more about brand marketing in the pharma industry, download our white paper, “Is pharma brand marketing dead or has it just arrived?                                                                

About Kantar Health

Kantar Health is a leading global healthcare consulting firm and trusted advisor to many pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies worldwide. It combines evidence-based research capabilities with deep scientific, therapeutic and clinical knowledge, commercial development know-how, and brand and marketing expertise to help clients evaluate opportunities, launch products and maintain brand and market leadership.

Kantar Health deeply understands the influence of patients, payers and physicians, especially as they relate to the performance and payment of medicines and the delivery of healthcare services. Its 700+ healthcare industry specialists work across the product lifecycle, from preclinical development to launch, acting as catalysts to successful decision-making in life sciences and helping clients prioritize their product development and portfolio activities, differentiate their brands and drive product success post-launch. For more information, please visit