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Kantar Health thought leaders are available to comment on a variety of healthcare- and pharma-industry-related topics. In addition, our proprietary data is available for media use, including patient population sizes, treatment rates and patient-reported behaviors and attitudes.

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Kantar Health to Present at Pharma Market Research Conference

Jan 29, 2013

NEW YORK, January 29, 2013—Kantar Health, a leading global advisory and marketing research company, today announced that Chief Research Officer Ian McKinnon, Ph.D., will present at the Pharma Market Research Conference, along with Cam Ives, Leader, Global Market Research and Analytics at Merck, February 6 in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

McKinnon and Ives will present “Harnessing Mobile Technology to Draw Insights from Healthcare Professionals.” Given that mobile marketing research with healthcare professionals is in its early stages, this presentation will address preliminary questions to understand how best to utilize this new medium of customer engagement:

  • What has limited mobile marketing research with healthcare providers? Is it the technology or the lack of understanding of how to fully utilize the new mobile platform?
  • How can core types of marketing research with healthcare providers be executed on mobile devices, and what advantages does mobile offer?
  • Is mobile marketing research with healthcare providers representative of the population regarding both current practice behaviors and future behaviors? Is “unrepresentative” a bad thing in this case?
  • Does mobile “everywhere” make marketing research “everywhere” better?  

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