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Few things are simple when dealing with the oncology market, from the potential complexity of treatment regimens to intricate and often byzantine market access and cost coverage issues. But since we are acknowledged as key oncology opinion leaders in our own right by the world’s leading life sciences companies, you may want us to help you realize your product’s full potential in this highly competitive space.

Our KOL status has been earned not only because of the proprietary material we publish – on cancer epidemiology, trends in oncology market access, oncology pipeline potential and treatment trends – but because of what we do with that information. Our commercial, clinical and scientific experts will work with you to assess potential acquisitions or licensing deals, prioritize potential indications, expose the nuances of oncology forecasting, assess market and competitive risk, and support market access and pricing decisions. We will also ensure that you connect with the most influential global and national stakeholders to inform decisions and sharpen strategy development.

Whether we are analyzing a broad range of tumors or focusing in on a particular patient population, our unique combination of world-class market information, extensive oncology experience and unsurpassed stakeholder reach will help you achieve your goals.

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Kantar Health Oncology – broad and unparalleled global reach coupled with deep local knowledge

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – a global view on standards of care and patient outcomes

We have robust and clinically rich oncology data in all major regions of the world. We've highlighted a portion of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) data in Japan, Germany, China, Brazil and the United States from two of our best-in-class databases: National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) and CancerMPact®. Click on the tabs below to reveal data and our synopses.


  • Demographics and Data
    • Incidence
    • Incidence Rank
    • 5-Year Prevalence
  • Health and Lifestyle
    • Comorbidities, COPD
    • Comorbidities, Emphysema
    • Comorbidities, Bronchitis
    • Ever Smoked Cigarettes
    • Currently smoke cigarettes
  • Patient Background
    • Mean Age
    • Employed Full-Time
    • Sex (Male)
    • Sex (Female)
    • Insurance Type
  • Early-Stage Treatment
    • Stages I/II
    • Stage IIIA
  • Late-Stage Treatment
    • First-Line, Squamous
    • Second-Line, Squamous
    • First-Line, Non-Squamous WT
    • Second-Line, Non-Squamous WT
    • First-Line, EGFR-Mutant
    • Second-Line, EGFR-Mutant
    • First-Line, ALK-Mutant
    • Second-Line, ALK-Mutant
  • Biomarker Histology
    • % of Patients Tested for EGFR Mutation
    • % of Patients Tested for ALK Mutation
    • % of Patients Whose Tumors Harbor an EGFR Mutation
    • % of Patients Whose Tumors Harbor an ALK Mutation

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Case study

Injecting a spirit of internal collaboration to get results


A midsized life sciences company needed support in prioritizing indications and preliminary clinical activity of a compound with a novel mechanism of action in preclinical development that would be tested in conjunction with chemotherapy upon entering clinical development.