Lust - The First Deadly Sin of Tracking Research

 First Deadly Sin - Lust - book a bespoke tracking workshop with us today!

“I want to include all of these attributes for all the brands”

Tracking research is a key part of our lives at Kantar Health and something we have a great deal of experience in. We work closely with our clients to assess how to optimise the success of their brand in its competitive environment.

Our first sin is LUST – where we are constantly challenged to ask respondents to score the performance of many brands on many attributes, even when the respondent has very little knowledge of the brand or when the attribute is not important to the respondent. Clearly, the impact of this is a longer questionnaire that is less relevant to the respondent!
Look out for the other sins over the coming weeks, and if you are interested in our proven research solutions, we would like to offer you a bespoke tracking workshop at your offices.

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