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Case Study | Aug 15, 2016

Novel Patient-Centric Positioning Optimises Brand Launch

In positioning a new treatment, it’s crucial to understand how treatment decisions are made for each patient segment and which segments are most attractive in terms of size and credibility. A case study on how a new Kantar Health methodology offers unique insight into complex treatment positioning by healthcare providers.

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Case Study | Aug 15, 2016

Stepping outside the comfort zone

When seeking to enter healthcare and rehabilitation settings with their new device, a robotics manufacturer uncovered many questions they needed to answer in order to make an informed decision regarding these new market opportunities.

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Case Study | Aug 9, 2016

Combining Qualitative-Quantitative Methods Offers Greater Insights Into A New Medicine's Potential

Qualitative research provides the landscape where your treatment will be seen, and robust quantitative results indicate the optimal direction to pursue in that landscape to achieve your business objectives. Sometimes two is really better than one when it comes to understanding the potential for a new treatment.

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Case Study | Jun 28, 2016

Differentiating in a Commercialized Market

Perception is everything. As markets evolve, it's essential for brands to evolve with them, to stay competitive, relevant and prominently positioned to the right stakeholders. This is especially true in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.

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Case Study | Jun 28, 2016

Getting to the Heart of What Matters

A lack of understanding can result in suboptimal outcomes, including misdiagnoses of health conditions. To improve awareness, information and the way it’s presented may need to differ by audience. Our client found this to be the case with general physicians (GPs) and cardiologists caring for patients with unstable angina.

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Case Study | Jun 27, 2016

Unlocking Rich Patient Insights

Kantar Health Australia adopted an immersive methodology approach called "Catalytic Contacts". These contacts embed the client in the real world of the patient they are seeking to understand – enabling them to experience the natural ecosystem of the patient, and most importantly, to play a pivotal role in the discussion and insight generation.

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Case Study | Jun 14, 2016

Don't Fear the Unknown

Breaking down treatment patterns in multiple myeloma is key to optimizing launch

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Case Study | Jun 10, 2016

Taking “Close Ups”

Today’s fragmented and specialized oncology markets require “zoomed in” views of patient segments and indications

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Case Study | Jun 2, 2016

Protecting a Gold Standard Medicine

Achieving “gold standard” status for a medicine in a therapeutic area is the ultimate accomplishment for any pharmaceutical company. While it may seem that all good things must come to an end, especially as generic medicines and newer therapies erode market share and put pressure on pricing, there are steps you can take to arrest market share decline and even build brand equity in a competitive environment.

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Case Study | May 31, 2016

Critical decisions are best made with all the facts: Accessing a medicine's market potential as it progresses in development

With the high costs associated with developing a new medicine, many factors need to be actively considered as a product makes its way through the development process. While efficacy and safety are paramount, factors such as eventual position in the market and pricing are extremely important to commercial success and require critical thinking.

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