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Blog Post | Apr 23, 2015

Balancing my role as CEO with my role as my family's CMO

Like a lot of women, I'm acting as my family's Chief Medical Officer.

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Infographic | Apr 23, 2015

How the Healthcare Industry Fails Women

Results from the report, "The Power of the Purse: Engaging Women Decision Makers for Health Outcomes," show that women make healthcare decisions for themselves and others but aren't always confident with the decisions they make.

Blog Post | Apr 20, 2015

The Battle for Dominance of the Advanced Melanoma Market Continues

Oncology Conference Insight: AACR 2015 --- Recent progress in the development of novel therapeutic agents to combat melanoma has been tremendous. Immune checkpoint inhibition and targeted inhibition of BRAF and MEK are two therapeutic approaches that have significantly improved survival for patients with advanced melanoma. Since 2011, the FDA has approved three checkpoint inhibitors.

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Case Study | Apr 9, 2015

Drawing on our patient-reported outcomes expertise to evaluate a licensing opportunity

Our client, a specialty pharmaceutical company, was evaluating a licensing opportunity in the migraine market for a product that would be differentiated based on its safety profile, with a favorable profile in patients exhibiting cardiovascular (CV) risk. The question at hand was whether or not the client could recover their investment before the product lost its market exclusivity.

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Case Study | Apr 6, 2015

Finding Solid Answers to Complex Research Questions - Game Changer Is Combination of Clinical Methodological and Health Outcomes Expertise

The best answers are rarely found in one place. That's especially true for pharmaceutical research, where the most comprehensive, meaningful evidence is most often generated from several distincg sources. Today, a trusted, world-class healthcare partner is providing a unique combination of research methodologies and quality-of-life (QoL) tools to deliver spot-on answers to the most complex research questions.

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Case Study | Apr 6, 2015

Dealing with the Unexpected - Uncovering the Drivers of Suboptimal Dosing for an Effective Medicine

Even the best laid plans sometimes experience a misstep. Fortunately for pharmaceutical companies, a trusted partner has developed a fresh, modern quantitative methodology based on gamification that provides unique qualitative insights into understanding physician behavior.

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Datasheet | Mar 30, 2015

Patient Preference Assessment

Datasheet: Patient Preference Assessment --- The evolving healthcare market is placing an increased focus on patient preference as part of regulatory submission packages. Both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) have incorporated benefit-risk and patient preference assessments into their approval frameworks.

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Case Study | Mar 23, 2015

Global Success Starts with Localized Expertise - Managing the Complexities of Large, Multicountry Observational Studies

The larger a company grows, the more difficult it often becomes to maintain optimum communication with and performance from its local resources. That’s especially true for global pharmaceutical companies, which must constantly balance the complexity of research needs and the importance of delivering local evidence across both established and emerging markets.

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White Paper | Mar 20, 2015

Is Pharma Brand Marketing Dead?

Is Pharmaceutical Brand Marketing Dead? That is the provocative question we have been posing to pharmaceutical marketers, industry leaders and stakeholders over the last few months. This supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions Kantar Health has produced in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical marketing.

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White Paper | Mar 20, 2015

Research gamification for quality pharmaceutical stakeholder insights

Already popular in the marketing space, Gamification is now seeing broader adoption in market research. Survey gamification is becoming a necessity in these days of declining completion rates and the propensity of some survey-takers to speed through questionnaires. To get higher completion rates plus more thoughtful responses on a questionnaire, you need to employ some aspects of gamification into your studies.

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