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Case Study | Mar 23, 2015

Global Success Starts with Localized Expertise - Managing the Complexities of Large, Multicountry Observational Studies

The larger a company grows, the more difficult it often becomes to maintain optimum communication with and performance from its local resources. That’s especially true for global pharmaceutical companies, which must constantly balance the complexity of research needs and the importance of delivering local evidence across both established and emerging markets.

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White Paper | Mar 20, 2015

Is Pharma Brand Marketing Dead?

Is Pharmaceutical Brand Marketing Dead? That is the provocative question we have been posing to pharmaceutical marketers, industry leaders and stakeholders over the last few months. This supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions Kantar Health has produced in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical marketing.

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White Paper | Mar 20, 2015

Research gamification for quality pharmaceutical stakeholder insights

Already popular in the marketing space, Gamification is now seeing broader adoption in market research. Survey gamification is becoming a necessity in these days of declining completion rates and the propensity of some survey-takers to speed through questionnaires. To get higher completion rates plus more thoughtful responses on a questionnaire, you need to employ some aspects of gamification into your studies.

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Blog Post | Mar 17, 2015

Building a community one device at a time

We have already seen connectivity in action in the general health and wellness space with Nike, Fitbit and MyFitnessPal providing community extensions for their devices and mobile apps. But the chronic disease space is where the biggest impact will be realized.

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Newsletter | Mar 11, 2015

Kantar Health Catalyst, March 2015

Download the Catalyst newsletter to read our latest insights on oncology, caregiver quality of life, rare diseases and biosimilars.

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Blog Post | Mar 10, 2015

Will people keep using their m-health devices after the novelty wears off?

It seems like the forces are aligned to create a perfect storm that will result in a quantified self world where we are all wiser about the internal workings of our body and all the healthier for it! But wait…

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White Paper | Mar 9, 2015

The Myth of Anonymization - Has Big Data Killed Anonymity?

Anonymization is aimed to protect individuals’ personal details, or in the grander scope – human rights. But as Big Data is continually growing, will anonymized data still exist?

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Case Study | Mar 5, 2015

Consistency: A Mark of a Champion - World-Class Processes and Personnel Deliver Accurate, Timely Forecasts

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Fortunately for today's market researchers and forecasters, advanced algorithms and data collection processes allow for a much higher level of accuracy - or we'd all be out of business. Nonetheless, the bar continues to rise in this highly competitive environment as companies seek better and timelier information on what the future holds.

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Case Study | Mar 5, 2015

Knowing When to Make Your Move - Accurately Predicting Product Demand against Order-of-Entry Scenarios

Launching a pharmaceutical product is a bit like horse racing. Knowing when to make your move is critical for success. Initiate too early and you'll tire down the stretch. Start too late and you won't be able to make up ground lost to your competition.

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Blog Post | Mar 2, 2015

VEGF TKI adjuvant therapy in RCC does not ASSURE improved clinical outcomes

Oncology Conference Insight: ASCO GU --- Surgical resection is the primary treatment for patients with early-stage renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and can potentially be curative in up to 70% of cases. In many solid tumors, patients at high risk of recurrence are often treated with adjuvant (postsurgical) systemic therapy, with the idea being to eradicate any microscopic residual disease and thus decrease the likelihood of developing a local or metastatic recurrence.

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