Lou’s Chemotherapy is going Well, So are her Spanish Classes


To get the most out of healthcare solutions, we must better understand the empowered person living with a condition and how that person proactively manages that condition in their daily life.

Kantar Health's HERO Framework™ provides you with unparalleled insight into the many faces of today's diverse healthcare consumers. Short for Healthcare Ecosystem and Real-world Outcomes, our HERO Framework™ demonstrates our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and the healthcare consumer as an individual. Our research philosophy highlights the need to address behavior from the perspective of the individual, as well as from a socio-cultural and environmental context.

No other healthcare partner provides such a rich view of healthcare consumers and their behaviors and motivations. That means better business decisions for you and better lives for people everywhere.

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The HERO Framework™ delivers powerful patient insights delivering unparalleled understanding into the many faces of today’s diverse healthcare consumers – the true heroes on the front lines of their individual stories.


We always start by listening to the voice of the healthcare consumer. An individual’s experience regarding their condition or overall wellness. Our primary research collects the detail of their thoughts and wishes. We draw on our National Health and Wellness survey, qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, social media listening and social communities, among other forms.

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Integrating all this research to create new insights is what sets Kantar Health apart. Our expertise and knowledge of behavioural science means we interpret any behaviours we witness based on proven explanations of motivation. We are the one company that connects the dots around what drives health outcomes. We get to the core of healthcare consumer and stakeholder experience and interaction with the healthcare ecosystem.

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Any new findings are contextualized using over 50 years of healthcare studies containing crucial evidence about behaviours and motivations.

This unrivalled body of work includes clinical research and real world outcomes portfolios, activity and biometric monitoring work, non-interventional studies, linked data analysis, epidemiology, ethnographic studies. Integral parts of these evidence sources are linked for a more holistic view.

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Bringing the HERO Framework to life


"Parkinson's through the Eyes of the Patient" – the pioneering pilot project of the HERO Framework™ that delivers first of its kind information about the complex journey of Parkinson's disease patients.

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"Uncovering Patient-Centered Insights" – a pharmaphorum Deep Dive article that details the benefits of advanced research approaches in patient centricity..

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