Advancing Women’s Health through Research

Hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy and specialty hormones have been the subject of controversial discussions in women’s health for decades. The predominant belief is that the benefits of hormonal treatments outweigh the risks, but research is needed to counterbalance reports that tend to exaggerate the risk and understate the benefits.

Global Leader in Safety Studies and Real-World Research

Kantar Health and ZEG Berlin, a Kantar Health company, provide the leading and most experienced team for safety studies on women’s healthcare and hormone treatments. We have extensive expertise in all types of non-interventional safety studies and have been deeply involved in the development of methodologies in this research field.

Specialized Research in Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Surveillance

  • Large-scale pharmacoepidemiological safety studies
  • Non-interventional field studies
  • Patient-based active surveillance (EURAS and INAS)