How can CancerLandscape evaluate the future?

CancerLandscape™ is a web-based solution that allows users to quickly review more than 2,000 cancer drugs simultaneously. It combines multiple primary and secondary data sources so users can quickly navigate product opportunities within the cancer landscape.

  • Quickly navigate large oncology datasets to understand oncology drug opportunities and the competitive landscape
  • Identify the right development targets for potential breakthrough therapies
  • Uncover in-licensing and acquisition prospects
  • Explore more than 175 tumor types

Recognizing disruptive potential

The oncology space is rapidly evolving, and pharmaceutical companies seek to create transformational medicines with bigger impact for both monotherapies and combination therapies. Our clients want to identify the right development targets for potential breakthrough therapies quickly, comprehensively and cost-effectively with easy-to-use outputs.

Who will be your next oncology partner or competitor?

In the below graphic, filters were applied within the CancerLandscape tool to illustrate oncology drugs in development in Breast Cancer with trials that are active in Phase I, II, and III. The color represents the size of the pharmaceutical company or whether development is in academia only. Trial duration is calculated when trial status is filtered on completed trials only.


The unique user experience of CancerLandscape

Quickly navigate the cancer market landscape by sorting through filters:

  • Drug name
  • Developing company
  • Geographic scope
  • Mechanism of action
  • Drug name
  • Technology platform
  • Stage of clinical development
  • Tumor type/indication
  • Time period

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