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Kantar Health can help you uncover unrealized brand opportunities to grow and defend your brand across the product lifecycle. One of the challenges faced by healthcare companies, marketers, analysts and consultants is finding key differentiators for their products, especially for new and existing prescription products for chronic conditions. By integrating multiple information sources and pinpointing the relevant KPIs that help differentiate similar products, we can measure and optimize your brand performance and equity and drive brand growth.

Fulfilling brand opportunity entails looking forward and working with key stakeholders to develop actions that will have the optimum impact on share.

Kantar Health’s PINNAKLETM focuses on where you can maximize share gains and eliminate obstacles, whether they arise from access, customer perception or your execution. At the heart of this framework is ConversionModel, which offers detailed insights into brand and category dynamics and prescription patterns, based on an understanding of individual customers. ConversionModel pinpoints and sizes the opportunities to attract new customers, re-win existing ones and optimize their spending. PINNAKLETMgives you the real picture of what physicians prescribe, why they prescribe it and what they will do next. From it, you'll gain a precise understanding of today’s market to provide clear guidance for tomorrow.
Kantar Health supports your brand’s success by:
  • Preparing you for launch
  • Offering healthcare specialization, drawing from prescription and consumer expertise
  • Taking into account all relevant stakeholders – patients, KOLs, physicians and payers

  • Meeting global (strategic) and local (strategic and tactical) solutions and applications
  • Delivering actionable recommendations on how to build brands and create enduring customer relationships
  • Optimizing brand performance throughout the brand lifecycle


Kantar Health provides consulting and research to communicate the value and potential for products and services that fall under healthcare regulation and legislation.


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