Webinar - Understanding Patient Ecosystems: Integrating Qualitative Research and Data for Better Outcomes

This Kantar Health webinar is part of the series "Transforming Your Research for Better Patient Understanding". There is no fee to attend.

Series Summary

The patient centricity sphere is expanding. Today, patients are not only patients, but also health consumers, and life sciences companies must start to realize that understanding this group goes well beyond what their prescriptions or medical charts say about them. They  must understand all sides of the patient as an individual human consumer - in fact, it isn’t about understanding the patient, but understanding the person who happens to be living with one or more diseases or conditions.  The better life sciences companies understand this premise, the more successful they will be.

This webinar series will focus on numerous aspects of “understanding the patient as a person and as a health consumer,” from examining their ecosystem to  the options for patient-level data and the value of integrating data, to ensuring that your focus keeps the individual’s privacy in mind. 

Understanding Patient Ecosystems: Integrating Qualitative Research and Data for Better Outcomes
Presented by Jeanette Hodgson and Sheila Mott

It's not what patients say, but what they do and how they feel. Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace, and to truly understand the individual suffering from a health condition you need to better understand the emotional drivers and challenges people face to maintain an acceptable quality of life, regardless of disease or condition. These make up the "Patient Ecosystem," which encompasses the person, their condition(s) or disease(s) and the many surrounding factors that influence behavior, attitudes, care and quality of life.

This webinar will discuss a research approach that enables you to obtain insights into the relationship between the individual person, their condition and the influences of behavior. By holistically working to gain a deep understanding of impactful socio-cultural influences and contextual environments, you can identify and influence transformative strategies to change these behaviors.   

We will use a real example with people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to demonstrate how we achieve an understanding of the physical, emotional and social impact of this condition.

About the Speakers

Jeanette Hodgson has experience in global, strategic market research and brand consultancy, mostly from a healthcare perspective but also from a consumer environment so has a good understanding of marketing strategy. She has business leadership experience and is a trained Master NLP practitioner, and a specialist qualitative researcher. She is the Global Head of Qualitative Strategy at Kantar Health with the remit of consolidating, developing and promoting the qualitative expertise within Kantar Health.

Sheila Mott heads the Business Insights group of the Marketing Insights practice at Kantar Health. She has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in both client and consultancy roles. She brings experience from pharmaceutical market research management, field sales and product management to developing global strategic action plans from both qualitative and quantitative data for clients evaluating and optimizing early stage product opportunities, developing brand/portfolio strategies and other commercial programs. 


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