IIeX Health 2017

Kantar Health to present at the IIEX Health event.

The Aging, Complex Patient Population: How to be a Leader is Communicating with Different Patient Generations

The paradigm continues a rapid shift toward partnering and engaging with consumers to help them make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. The relationship between patient centricity and customer expectations is at the core of how, and how much, healthcare companies communicate directly with consumer healthcare decisions makers who we call the ‘Health Activator’. The ‘Health Activator' is making decisions for themselves and for others and more than ever they are considering health more broadly including having spiritual and emotional well-being and being physically fit and well-rested.  Reaching the ‘Health Activator’ isn’t just communicating about individual diagnoses or treatments, but rather understanding their core values. For example, Baby Boomers are more likely to feel getting enough rest is important; whereas Millennials believe planning fitness is more important. This can form the basis of how we communicate and engage consumers differently as they age..


Colleen Welsh-Allen
Kantar Health
Director, Qualitative Services