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Insight Innovation Exchange North America (IIEX)

The leading companies of tomorrow are the ones trying new things today. On June 13-15, 2016, the most innovative companies and thinkers in market research will gather in Atlanta to participate in IIeX.

IIeX North America promises to be two days jam-packed with new thinking, new solutions, and new approaches from the most innovative leaders in the Americas and around the globe.

Kantar Health believes that IIeX is a must-attend event for innovative insights professionals, so we’ll be there in full force as a sponsor. We hope you’ll join us for time that will inspire you, challenge your thinking, and connect you with the leading thinkers in the industry.

Kantar Health is also proud to be speaking at IIeX North America

:Leveraging Innovations in Mobile Technology for Deeper Insights

Location: Track 2
Date: June 13, 2016
Time: 11:20 am

Significant advances in active data collection and quantified self, mobile and wearable technologies, as well as the ubiquity of the smartphone, is allowing our researchers to capture more accurate patient insights for events as close to the "moments of experience" as possible. Whether that experience is about disease symptoms such as pain, nausea or breathing difficulties, or a doctor-patient consultation, these innovations are providing rich emotional data in the form of images, video and text that overcomes the limitations of traditional research and allows for a better understanding of the consumer’s experience.

More importantly, mobile technology now extends far beyond the smartphone. In healthcare, it's fostering new growth and advances in mHealth technology by creating opportunities to passively collect accurate biometric data. These data, combined with survey data and other traditional market research methods, are delivering a deeper and more holistic view of the healthcare consumer and enabling better control of the levers that impact attitudes, behaviors and more importantly - health outcomes.

Come find out how your company, regardless of your industry, could eventually play a role in curing disease and improving lives.


Speaker Information:

Brian Mondry is Global Head of Digital Innovation at Kantar Health. He is an integrated marketing expert with a primary focus on the digital space. He has been advising clients on how to use digital channels for marketing and insight purposes since the mid-1990s, back when the Internet was just starting to become a viable marketing medium. Brian has global responsibility for digital strategy around areas such as Mobile, Social Media, Online Research Communities and Quantified Self technology.


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