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Dynamic Forecasting in the Oncology Environment Workshop – US

  • Dates: 17 Mar, 2016
  • Location: La Jolla, CA, USA
  • Address: 910 Prospect Street
  • Contact: Linda Morgan
  • Email: Linda.Morgan@kantarhealth.com
  • Phone: 816-285-1610
Eventbrite - Kantar Health Dynamic Forecasting in the Oncology Environment Workshop - US

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 This workshop addresses the unique challenges associated with forecasting the commercial potential in oncology, highlighting the importance of definitions and treatment paradigms, as well as oncology lifecycle development, epidemiology, and modeling considerations.

Key topics presented during the workshop will include:
  • Cancer – How Is It Treated?
  • Oncology Drug Use
  • Oncology Market Considerations
  • Oncology Research and Development
  • Oncology Lifecycle Development
  • Oncology Biomarkers
  • Commercial Implications of Biomarkers in Oncology
  • Oncology Epidemiology
  • Reconciliation of Oncology Epidemiology with Sales Data
  • Oncology Modeling Considerations
  • Forecast Process in Oncology
  • Forecasting Extended Use
  • Potential Impact of Oncology Biomarkers on Forecasting
  • Modeling Techniques and Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Oncology Forecast Architect Tools and Examples

Bob Ramsey, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Michael DeStefano, Ph.D., Director, Forecasting


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