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Pharmaceutical Forecasting Workshop – US

  • Dates: 15 – 16 Mar, 2016
  • Location: La Jolla, CA, USA
  • Address: 910 Prospect Street
  • Contact: Linda Morgan
  • Email: Linda.Morgan@kantarhealth.com
  • Phone: 816-285-1610
Eventbrite - Kantar Health Pharmaceutical Forecasting Workshop - US

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This workshop focuses on issues specific to pharmaceutical forecasting with an emphasis on forecast design, market data, epidemiology, market access, and the integration of primary market research.

The workshop is ideally suited for novice- to intermediate-level forecasters or for marketing managers or company executives who wish to learn more about the forecasting process.

More experienced forecasting professionals may wish to enroll to learn the Kantar Health methodology to enhance their skill set and update their knowledge about current trends and advances in the industry.

Key Topics:
  • The role of forecasting as a component of sound decision-making
  • Choosing the right forecasting methodology for your situation
  • Issues in oncology forecasting
  • Aligning market research with forecasting needs
  • Adjusting preference share
  • Using analogues
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses

Todd Johnson
Vice President, Forecasting, Modeling and General Epidemiology

Michael DeStefano, Ph.D.
Director, Forecasting

Dani Niblick, M.Sc.
Methodologist, Advanced Methods

Kelly Blinzler
Vice President, Market Access

Carey Strader, MPH
Director, Epidemiology Services


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