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“Go beyond your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised how much you will grow"

Michele Abel Chief Human Resources Officer

Michele is responsible for ensuring Kantar Health is acquiring talent, building capabilities and shaping the desired culture of its global workforce. She is not afraid to tackle change management responsibilities and has successfully led the talent strategy to integrate disparate teams. Her commitment to doing what’s best for Kantar Health’s clients shows in her relentless pursuit to attract and retain best-in-class employees.

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Her entire career has centered in the healthcare space, with broad experience in different aspects of the industry – Merck on the client, pharmaceutical side; CIGNA from a payer, health insurance perspective; and other leading market research firms. Michele holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Temple University.

More About Michele

  • Not afraid to try new things – like her recent skydiving adventure
  • Enjoys travel, sports, gardening and wine tasting
Location: USA
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