About Kantar Health

A message from our CEO

Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit Kantar Health.

Whether you’ve worked with Kantar Health for years or are discovering us today, you’ll find that we combine commercial acumen with scientific and clinical expertise to help our clients substantiate product performance and sales and marketing activities. Simply put, we deliver real-world market intelligence to optimize brand performance across the product lifecycle continuum.

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I encourage you to browse our website to learn more about how we have facilitated success for hundreds of clients. In particular, our library of publications houses examples of how well respected we are in the global scientific community for our custom research and consulting, best-in-class databases and advanced analytics.

However, great work is only possible with exceptional people. Kantar Health’s people are a special breed – challenging and bold, yet collaborative; rigorous and incisive; and scientifically skilled and commercially astute. Let us show you what you can accomplish by working with Kantar Health, and together we can help make the world a healthier place.

Lynnette Cooke Global CEO

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About Us

Kantar Health is the ONE organization that healthcare companies can count on to get an informed answer.

A trusted partner to healthcare companies worldwide, we are a dynamic consulting and market research firm that excels at extracting the full market potential from the brands of the world’s leading healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies.

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Commercially focused and socially conscious, we combine evidence-based research with deep clinical, commercial and brand expertise to help our clients assess market opportunities, prioritize product development and portfolio activities, and differentiate their products to drive brand success. Our culturally diverse and experienced global teams are the catalysts for astute decision making across the full product lifecycle, helping our clients and companies better understand diseases, develop and promote innovative healthcare solutions, and improve patients’ health worldwide.

Our Company
  • Broad disease experience
  • Industry-leading, proprietary, patient-centric information sources:
    • National Health and Wellness Survey, the world’s largest self-reported patient database
    • CancerMPact®, the leading-edge oncology data resource
    • Epi Database®, the premier epidemiology database
  • Expert at linking science and research to solve business challenges
  • Strong global reach, with localized expertise
  • Part of Kantar, one of the world’s largest consulting and market research firms, and WPP, the world leader in communications services
Our Presence
A footprint in 40+ countriesA presecnce in 81 countries
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Global Board

Strong leadership, focused on delivering innovative solutions to improve global health.

  • Graeme Jacombs
  • Michele Abel
  • Mike Kelly
  • Werner Guminski
  • Lynnette Cooke
  • Jerry W. Fields
  • Ed Ceraso
  • Jeremy Brody
  • Michel Murino
  • Jade Cusick
  • “You have to push boundaries to learn and grow”

    Graeme Jacombs Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
  • “Go beyond your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised how much you will grow"

    Michele Abel Chief Human Resources Officer
  • “Make room for people to learn new things”

    Mike Kelly CEO of the Americas
  • “Find ways to do things differently”

    Werner Guminski CEO Commercial Strategy
  • “Nothing happens by accident; you need to map out a long term plan”

    Lynnette Cooke Global CEO
  • “Take a positive approach to everything you do”

    Jerry W. Fields COO Americas Business Unit
  • “Never take anything at face value, challenge the status quo”

    Ed Ceraso Global Chief Financial Officer
  • “Working with entrepreneurs keeps me inspired and energized about the future of healthcare”

    Jeremy Brody Executive Vice President, Corporate Development
  • “Face your challenges head-on”

    Michel Murino CEO Europe
  • “Always bring your best. Put 100 percent into everything."

    Jade Cusick Chief Client Officer
Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving the Health and Well-Being of People Globally

As an industry leader in global healthcare consulting and market research, Kantar Health is working to help improve the health and well-being of people around the world. A key measure of success for our organization resides in our corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

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We have built a strong culture that is committed to progressing society and the environment through our Corporate Responsibility program, KHshare. This program supports local and global efforts focused on humanitarian and ecological awareness.

Kantar Health supports global charitable organizations, including UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund), and a multitude of local charities and causes, such as the Children’s Trust (UK), the Wishing Well (Mumbai) as well as other programs targeted to improving the health and well-being of individuals worldwide. Additionally, many Kantar Health team members are active in their local communities, providing thousands of hours of support and significant monetary contributions each year.

However, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are not simply about writing a check or volunteering time. At Kantar Health, we recognize the impact of climate change and our own carbon footprint. To that end we place a premium on reducing our carbon footprint by participating in recycling programs and finding innovative ways to collaborate globally that do not involve excessive travel.

We take pride in the way we conduct business and adhere to strict Business Ethics and Privacy principles.

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Ethics and Compliance

Doing Business with Kantar Health

Kantar Health operates with honesty, integrity and respect for people. These principles guide and determine the way we approach business and define how we interact and behave in the conduct of our business.

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Inspired by trust and transparency, we value relationships and embrace partnerships – breaking down geographical barriers, working together to drive client success. We are passionate about our people, our business and our clients and are proud to foster a culture that contributes to the health and well-being of humankind. Committed to excellence, we focus on delivering the highest quality in everything we do. We lead through innovation and consistently challenge ourselves to discover and embrace new and creative ways to deliver exceptional insights for clients.

We strictly follow industry codes of conduct and guidelines and all local/regional data protection legislation.

We adhere to strict global compliance policies, including IT security, data privacy, ethics and adverse event reporting and provide regular compliance training for all staff within each of our local offices.

We are part of WPP group, the largest marketing agency in the world, and strictly follow their Global Corporate Governance Program and Business Code of Conduct.

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