Catalysts Driving Successful Decisions in Life Sciences

Kantar Health is a team of more than 600 professionals proven at linking science and healthcare research to solve commercial challenges. We enable healthcare and life sciences companies to achieve extraordinary results by accelerating their clinical, commercial and brand decisions. We connect healthcare analytics and real world research with consulting insights to help assess market opportunities, prioritize product development and portfolio activities, and differentiate products that benefit healthcare consumers.

Product Lifecycle

Understanding the Product Lifecycle, Driving Launch Success

Pinpointing need, assessing opportunity and launch planning are paramount to brand success. We combine commercial know-how, rigorous scientific and clinical expertise, and gold-standard healthcare data / real world data across the lifecycle continuum to deliver deep market research, insights and results that drive brand success.

Understanding Patient Need

Establishing Treatment Value

Driving Brand Success

1. Clinical Expertise - Understanding Product Opportunity

Understanding unmet patient need, optimizing health outcomes and substantiating value are central to maximizing commercial effectiveness. We help you determine:

  • Are the right drugs being developed for patients?
  • Are unmet needs for patients, payers, healthcare providers and society being addressed?
  • Can value be demonstrated for the drug – commercially and clinically?
  • Is the risk/benefit ratio correct?

2. Commercial Expertise - Driving Growth

Influencing key stakeholders, choosing the right promotional channels and delivering profitability are important to optimizing performance and advancing your pharmaceutical or healthcare brand. We help you determine:

  • Is the market sized correctly? Who are the key opinion leaders?
  • Are growth opportunities present? Are your forecasting strategies effective?
  • Can the drug be effectively priced and positioned in the market?
  • Has the healthcare consumer experience been optimized for the patient, provider and payer?

3. Optimizing Brand Performance

Choosing the right promotional channels are important to driving product performance and growing the brand. We help find your brand’s unrealized potential and determine:

  • Do you have an effective market segmentation strategy?
  • Will the key messages resonate with stakeholders?
  • Is the multichannel marketing and promotional strategy correct?
  • Have the right KOLs been identified and mapped?